Yes. And to show up every article on fanfic that gets printed, acting like 50 Shades is the first fic to get published…

published? pfft, radclyffe created a WHOLE fucking publishing company, that’s still successful today…cause that’s how we xenites roll


That’s right, 50 Shades, suck our Bold Strokes Books.

What non-ff.net bastions of Xena fics do you speak of? I’m running out of ff.net AO3 stuff to procrastinate with!

Oh my god, you poor child, you’ve only been looking on ff.net and AO3?!

There are lots of smaller sites,but the big ones, get you going: Academy of Bards, The Athenaeum, and AUSXIP’S Bard Corner.

You won’t be able to read all of that stuff before you die, I reckon.

ah the history of my people